My Work

My poem Ophelia is published in Cirque Journal, Vol. 4 No.1. Page 59

Naropa’s Online ‘Zine, Not Enough Night. Spring 2013:

Slivers was published in Quills Canadian Poetry, Vol. VIII:

That time I lay an ear against the wooden dock, inhaled

baked cedar while your breath combined ocean and beer;

salted my brain. This time I skirted the sea, its suspicious

motives. No point returning to those shores; three families

in boats long abandoned, running up the powder of beach

to claim temporary land for tents. I indulge sharp pains

of re-realized absence. This time I close my mouth as I

walk, interpret the smell of earthy animals, the dust and

imperfection of a country fair. I see land-working people

uncomfortable with celebration, finding a serious place in

the judgment of vegetables. The squint of an outsider. Farm

women intoxicated by middle-eastern music, the sway of

their own hips. Fifteen year-old musicians already left to

claim their fame, biding time amongst lesser-thans. That

time I tilted this way, then the other. This time I did not


Dimension was published in DoveTales, “Occupied” issue:

Crazed mother-chauffeur in the swimming pool parking lot

Judgmental glares of the perfect, the tantrum-free,

We’re late we’re late we’re late


the same thing, every day

the place I leave you

a short while

and find a spot to sit

while Holly Cole strokes heightened nerves

with honey-caramel jazz croons

Sometimes I catch

something bright behind your eyes

as I think myself outside the body

I drag along behind

unwilling to stop,

give you your greatest desire: my face, my eyes, my thought

Outside the confines of time

unspoken for

And as I feel the spectre of potential regret

I am reminded of time and other unseen things

So I shift these thoughts to a place where I can hold you

in arms stronger than these

in spaces we’ve crafted on the periphery

in a peace existing only

since the birth of us